Old industrial town

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Horsens is located down at the water and it grew up around the harbor originally. Then in 1868 the railway reach the city connecting it with the other major cities in Eastern Jutland. The result was a rapid industrialization in the years which followed and the city actually grew and became one of the main industrial centers outside of Copenhagen.

A old industrial building with the old chimney in Horsens

Most cities seems to have grown up around the train station but this isn’t the case in Horsens. The city is located between the train station and the water. There isn’t much of a city behind the rail tracks. Behind the train station there is actually a big park which is a nice green area to walk around. Inside the park is a big old farm which has been converted into a hotel. You can stay inside this green park but we stayed at another hotel a bit in the outskirt of the city next to the old jail with the prison museum FÆNGSLET.

We get a couple of bikes for free from the hotel which have a pink colour and seem to be sponsored by the visiting center of Horsens to make it easy for the visitors to explore the city. The bike makes it easy to get around – but the city is pretty hilly and we start up a fairly steep hill right after leaving the hotel. Yunni consider this hill a bit of a challenge – fortunately it was the steepest hill we encountered so we could get full use of the bikes after this.

An old house on the main pedestrian street in Horsens

There are bike lanes on the major roads in the city so it is easy to get around on the bikes. We reach the center of the city and get down to the main pedestrian street. The city markets this pedestrian street as the broadest pedestrian street in Denmark. The street might be the broadest pedestrian street in Denmark but the broad section isn’t very long so it feels more like a square than a street.

The broad pedestrian street in Horsens

We bike around the old town to spot the pretty parts. The city is a bit strange – most older Danish cities have an old area with some nice old buildings. This isn’t really the case in Horsens – there are the occasional old building but it wasn’t in a nice neighborhood usually it was located right next to a pretty hideous modern building.

The city council do seem to put quite a bit of money into the city trying to make it pretty with a remodeling of the pedestrian street and they seem to put a new strange statue up everywhere they can find a spot to put one.

A nice area is the harbor where you can wonder a bit on the piers of the harbor to have a look at the water which is nice on a sunny day. There are some small wooden houses down at the harbor which looks cute – I guess they are used by some sort of clubs down at the harbor serving the life down there.

From the harbor we bike back towards the center to have some dinner at Gasfabrikken in a small street in the center of the city.

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