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In the small city of Horsens where nobody wants to live in, it is a big challenge to find a good and decent restaurant.  Supposedly Mickey and I moved there due to work relocation. However, I could not move due to my new school programme and ended up Mickey does not want to move either.  Apparently, it wasn´t only human who doesn´t want to move – Mickey´s luggage also refuse to travel there and broke down on the day he arrives in Horsens train station, and my expensive t-shirt come off to pieces as well..  It was a very interesting beginning.

Inside the restaurant

At night-time, we search for the restaurants and Mickey´s workmate recommended this place which I feel sceptical especially when I heard that his friend usually eat burgers. Oh boy….deep down I know what I get into, but Mickey wants to try this place since it is supposedly one of the best restaurant in town. So, we just go in without reservation and there were plenty of seats available.

Bread and butter

The place itself very nice and spacious with Scandinavian design and the staff was friendly and welcome us immediately.  However, the service was a bit slow.  We noticed the next table who just arrived after us, get served bread immediately but not our table.  Our drinks also come very late since they didn´t ask for it when we were seated.   We choose their tasting menu which consist of 4 dishes so we can experience the best the restaurant can offer, and Mickey gets a wine matching for his meal.

Cold tomato soup

The first dish of cold soup with cucumber was really a let-down.  It doesn´t taste much and very watery. The next dish of raw fish with soy sauce was nice, however I find the taste was really subtle.

For the main dish we get roast chicken and to my surprise I only get 2 pieces of the wings. It was really interesting since it was a bit difficult to eat and I behave using fork and knife and not using my fingers when eat this.


Finally, we get our dessert which is strawberry sorbet with sponge cake.


Finish dinner, I am kind of hungry but decided not to order anything and just go back to hotel.

Icecream and cake

The cost of the season menu is DKK 350 (€47) per person + wine menu DKK 275 (€37) per person.

Will l go back to this place?? Probably not.  Maybe the hotel restaurant serve better food than this.

Inside the restaurant

Restaurant Gasfabrikken

Levysgade 16, 8700 Horsens

Tlf: 7510 1018,


      1. Horsens is the eight biggest city in Denmark so I guess it is the nearest big city. It is a short train ride south of Aarhus which is the second biggest city in Denmark.


      2. Yes all trains on the Copenhagen Århus line stop at Horsens Station so if you went on the train from Copenhagen you had a two minutes stop at this station.


  1. Wait. I think I remember what it is. My great grandfather and family lived and worked there before coming to Australia. I will look forward to seeing a bit more of it, if you post that on your blog.

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