Small royal town

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Gråsten is a small village close to the German border. The main attraction is the royal castle in the village. The former queen used to have her holidays here every summer and now the crown prince bring his family every year for a few weeks.

Gråsten castle down at the lake

You can go and visit the castle garden – if the royal family isn’t there. Unfortunately the royal family was present during our visit judging by the huge bounchy castle they had put in the garden and were visible over the wall surrounding the garden.

Old house in Gråsten

So we can go and visit the castle ground after our cake orgy. Instead we just have to go and wonder around the small town. There are some nice old houses with thatches roof and a few lakes in the area. The main lake is the one the castle is also facing.

The main street in Gråsten

There is a small forest which is good for a little walk if you have over eaten on cake during the afternoon – a real possibility if you visit the cake table at the old inn in the city. So we just wonder around for a bit burning off a few of the calories we have taken in.

It is a pretty little town but I guess if you are not eating cake and the castle garden is closed like it was this day – there isn’t much to see for more than a short while unless you go for a longer walk in the forest. Though for some reason the village seems to have an obsession with statues of naked women.


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