Vestmanna – the old ferry port

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Up until 2002 the north village of Vestmanna had a very central role as the ferry port between Streymoy and Vagar – hence anybody arriving by plane and wanting to go to Torshavn would have to take the ferry to Vestmanna before continuing south to Torshavn.

Church in Vestmanna

The ferry connection was stopped in 2002 when the subsea tunnel to Vagar was completed. This changed the position of Vestmanna from a place everybody had to go through to a position where it was just located at the end of a road to the north of Streymoy.

Small bridge in Vestmanna

I guess this position as a dead-end town is part of the reason we haven’t made it up here before now. We decide to go north along the west coast of Streymoy to see what is at the end of the road.

Bay of Vestmanna

It is a nice drive up here along the quite road. We get up to the village and it is a nice little village located around a small harbor where the ferry used to be. Compared to most other villages around the island Vestmanna seems be a full service village with most of what you would need for a town.

Supposedly a lot of people go up here to go to see the bird cliffs to the north of town. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to catch a boat and go up and see the birds so this we will have to do if we come back to the town.

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