Saksun – hidden between the mountains

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If you look at the map you realize it is only about 2 miles to get to Saksun from Tjørnuvik. But we are driving – and there is no road across the mountains. Instead we have to take the road down along the coast and then catch an inland road up again to Saksun. So instead of a short drive it turns out we have to go 27 kilometers or 17 miles on small slow roads – hence it takes a while to arrive in Saksun.

Fortunately the road is pretty scenic and we can enjoy the drive up through the green hills on both sides of the road. This drive is one of the rare inland drives on the Faroe Islands so we have time to enjoy the green grass under the sun which is out for a change.

The grass roofed church in Saksun down at the small lake with on of the many sheep in front

Finally we arrive in the tiny village of Saksun. The village is located down at a lake – the lake used to be connected to the ocean some centuries ago – but a big storm cut the lake off from the ocean except at very high tide. Hence there is no workable harbor inside Saksun which must have been pretty isolated before they build the long inland road up there.

The small village of Saksun with the waterfall from the mountain above the village

The village only got a few houses – but it is very scenic. The houses are located above the lake and below some fairly steep mountains with many waterfalls. This gives some good contrasting colours of the blue water, the green grass and the grey mountains.

The most noticeable building in the village is the church right down at the lake at the end of the village. The church is white with a grass roof. From the church there is a good view of the waterfall above the village and the rest of the village as well.

Another interesting building in the village is the old main farm which has been transformed into a museum. The farm is an old whitewashed stone building with a grass roof. We decide not to go into the small museum and instead just walk around the pretty building and enjoy the small out buildings in the area.

The main farm at Saksun

Some special entertainment in the village is provided by the sheep’s of the village. They run freely around the grassy fields and enjoy the sun today and the fresh green grass. A couple of lambs block the entrance to the museum. Outside are other lambs which seem to be engaging in behavior which seems to be above their age.

The most interesting of the sheep’s are one which looks like it has lost its pants. For some reason the locals do not cut the wool off the sheep’s so this one is very long haired – but it has lost the bottom half of the wool and only got the top half left.

Sheep loosing the bottom half of the wool

We leave the sheep’s and the village behind and make it back to the main road to the south.


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