Beach holiday destination of the Faroe Islands

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We drive back from Vidoy and go through the first of the tunnels on the island when we have reach this isolated spot we drive down to the village at the shore. Down here is the village of Arnafjørdour which must have been extremely isolated behind the steep mountains before the tunnel was finished in 1967. Now the tunnel connects the little village with Klaksvik just on the other side of the mountain.

Church across the water

The village has a small beach which apparently is a big attraction for people around the islands in the summer time. When we get down to the beach on this cloudy day where the sand look a bit dull and grey and the water doesn’t look inviting at all – it is hard to see the village as a beach holiday destination. There are no tourists down at the beach on this summer day – so I guess not that many people actually go here for the beach.

The sandy beach in Arnafjørdour

There really aren’t a lot of people out but there is a few cars parked in front of the local church – so there must be people hiding somewhere around the village. The only sign of life are a few sheep’s which are very vocal.

The sheep’s seem to be calling out for attention. And when we approach the fence the sheep come up to the fence and want to be scratched a bit in their thick wool. The sheep come in a group and they push each other a bit to compete for the best spot. I am not sure what the sheep’s would have done if there had been no fence – I have a feeling Yunni is happy with the fence so she don’t find out what the sheep’s would do if they were free from the fence. She like the sheep’s but don’t want them to come too close.

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