Northern most bygd of Faroe Island

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We drive towards this northern settlement by going across a small dam which connects the Vidoy to Bordoy. This northern island is pretty small so the water is always nearby and you can enjoy the view from the fairly steep cliffs. The island got about 700 inhabitant spread between the two major settlements. We head to the northern one of them in Vidareidi.

Vidareidi village from the distance

It is a nice little village which actually seems to be functioning as a village. It has a decent number of houses which seems like they are actually lived in. So even though the village is far away from the main population centers it has become depopulated yet.

Grass roof building in Vidareidi village

The village like all villages on the islands is down at the shore. There are some small cliffs next to the islands which lead to the north. Supposedly there should be some bird colonies somewhere around here but we didn’t see them.

The church down at the water

The village most dominant building is the church down at the sea. The church is a bit strange since the front of the church only got a standing walk with no roof – I am not sure if they are actually repairing the church or not. It doesn’t seem like there is any construction work going on.

Behind the church is a big building with the traditional grass roof. I guess it is somehow connected to the church possibly the priest house.


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