Final morning on the Galapagos

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After a couple of weeks around the Galapagos Islands this is our final morning on the islands – we have to fly out in the afternoon and go back to the mainland. It is a bit sad to leave this unique ecosystem behind.

Fortunately we have time to go down and have a look around the harbor area in the morning. As every other day there are a lot of sea lions hanging around on the beaches near the harbor. It is a pleasure to go and have a look at the cute animals.

Down in the harbor there are a lot of pelicans diving into the waters trying to catch their breakfast. I guess we were not the only ones hungry this morning the pelicans need to go and eat as well.

We have to go to the airport and check in – we go pretty early and manage to check in the bags. But there is nothing to do at the airport and we don’t have to board the plane. The airport is only a short walk from the town so we walk back to the city to relax before we go back to the airport.

Plane landing in the outskirts of town

It is good to go and have a last look at a blue footed booby and a marine iguana and a Darwin finch. It has been a good time to see the animals but everything comes to a close and it is about time to walk back to the airport and board the flight.


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