Countless numbers of birds

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We go for a walk around the area close to the big Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island. We are searching for birds – well searching may not be the appropriate word since it isn’t so many searches it is more trying to avoid stepping on a bird which has set itself on the ground.

Brown booby testing the wings

The bird life is dominated by boobies of different species and the magnificent looking frigate birds. Contrary to the morning walk there are not so many Nazca boobies on this section of the beach there are some but around here we especially notice the many frigate birds. It is breeding season so many of the males has inflated their throat poaches to try to impress the females so they can find a girlfriend and work on the next generation of frigate birds.

A couple of the males with inflated throat poaches decide that their tree isn’t the best to attract a female so they decide to fly with the red balloon hanging below their necks. It looks strange to watch the birds fly around like this.

The frigate birds are what I find most interesting on this part of the beach but there are many boobies as well. In addition to the Nazca boobies we see more of the red footed boobies here as well and there are also several brown boobies to be seen around here.

The frigate birds and the boobies might be the stars of the Galapagos bird scene but there are also different terns and gulls to be spotted around the beach in addition to a few smaller birds like Darwin finches. So it is a great last walk on an island during the cruise after this we will have to go back onboard for the last long sail to our final destination tomorrow so we can debark the boat.

A baby nazca booby asking the parrent for food

Before we go back to the boat we head to the beach – and off course there are sea lions on the beach like there usually are on these amazing islands. We stop to say goodbye to these wonderful sea lions and then we head back on board.

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