Snorkeling in the shallow waters

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We try to go for snorkeling in the shallow waters outside the shore of Genovesa. The water is close to the beach and it has been warm up a bit extra by the sun so it isn’t as cold as some of the waters around these island. Still I would want to go in for long without the wetsuit on.

A side effect of the location a lot of particles in the water – so visibility is very limited. I do manage to see a small shark swimming by in the shallow water and try to hunt it down to get a decent photo of it. But the visibility is low and the shark is faster than me so I only get a very murky shot where it is barely possible to spot the shark – so I will save you from trying to spot the shark in the middle of the particle filled water.

There isn’t that much to see in the waters here – so after hunting the shark for a bit I go back on land to warm up again.


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