Trying to find breakfast

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I am getting up pretty early since I need to be down at a dive shop at 7 for the departure to the boat. Supposedly the hotel should be open for breakfast at 6.30 in the morning – at least this is what the receptionist told me yesterday. But when I get down there at 6.30 the restaurant is still closed and will not open for another half hour which will be too late for me. So instead I head out hoping to find something open. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many places open this time of the morning.

A heron on a small boat in the dive harbor at Santa Cruz

I finally head down to a small shop at the square in front of the harbor area where a small shop sells sandwiches and coffee to the early crowd. I go for a not very well tasting sandwich and a coffee and head to the dive shop for the departure.

We drive across the island to a harbor close to where we arrived on the ferry from the airport. From the small bay we head on board the dive boat and off we go to the first dive of the day out in front of North Seymor Island.

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