The small lagoon next to town

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We get back from the high lands exploration early in the afternoon so there are still lots of time to explore the town. We search for a small lagoon which supposedly is in walking distance from the center of the city. But when we get down to the harbor we get stuck – there is no way to walk along the harbor to the lagoon even though my not very good map sort of indicated this was the way to go. Instead we get stuck at the harbor where we find the biggest (only??) big super market in town. So we get in there and get some small stuff we might need for the coming days.

On top of the supermarket there is a little restaurant with a pretty good view of the harbor. We have some cake and coffee before it is time to resume the search for the lagoon. The woman behind the counter doesn’t speak much English but she understands what we are looking for and gives us rough directions to the lagoon. With these directions it turns out pretty easy to find the small lagoon.

Supposedly there should be some rays and other birds swimming around the lagoon searching for protection from the bigger animals out at open sea. But when we are walking around the lagoon there is no rays in sight – the only animal we spot is a playful sealion which is swimming around the opening of the lagoon. There are a few birds hanging around in the mangrove trees around the lagoon. We walk to the end of the boardwalk and then head back to town finishing the exploration of the day.

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