Where Stockholm tried to be New York

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Back in the early part of the 20th century some people in Stockholm were looking towards New York for inspiration in their city planning. And a young architect presented a plan in 1915 how to make Stockholm look a bit like an American capital.

The plan was approved and in the 1920s they dug out a new road and build a bridge across the road. They did construct two skyscrapers called Kungstornen on each side of the street Kungsgaten. But this was Stockholm and not New York so the clouds would have to be pretty low for these 16 stores building to be able to scrape them.

The skyscrapers

My guide book of Stockholm had mentioned this place as an attraction in the area of Vasa Stan so I had walked a bit to get here. But when I arrived I didn’t really feel much of an American vibe or feel like I was in down town New York so I guess this little attraction was a bit overrated in my opinion.

Bridge across the street

Even though the buildings weren’t a big attraction they were fairly nice and the bridge across the street has a nice design. Supposedly there used to be a restaurant on top of one or both of the buildings and I guess I would have found the buildings to be more of an attraction if there were still a restaurant or bar on top so we could have gone upstairs and enjoyed the view of Stockholm from the top since the buildings are taller than all the rest of the houses of the area.


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