Charming floating pavillion

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We find this restaurant right at the water edge of lake Norr Malarstrand, and it is motto is very interesting. The restaurant is only open depending of the weather.

Main pavilion of the restaurant

At the first sight of the floating pavilion, I really like it and eager to taste the food.  The building looks so charming, beautiful and romantic.  It looks so peaceful and idyllic with the view toward the water and bridge.

The building divided into different parts. When we arrived, we see the outdoor seating with colorful flower garden and many selection of plants to admire.

The main building and where they sell the food

Next to it, is the floating dock bar with a loud music and full of people celebrating the party of “Euro vision” (the song contest in Europe).  The view from here is marvelous, really beautiful. But I do not like to sit here since it is floating, everything move all the time with the water tide.

Further from the outdoor seating, there is a cute little floating pavilion I saw from the street.  I decided to sit at the floating pavilion with a view to the water (at least this pavilion is not moving), and luckily, we get a table since the place was very small but cosy.  A lot of people inside and apparently, they just sit there for hours even though they food was gone long ago. We saw several people was waiting to sit here, but nobody moved out and the staff do not tell them to go either even though other customers was waiting.

There was no information or waiting staff when we arrived, we have to get the menu from outside, order and paid directly, and then the staff gives a number and bring the food when it was ready.

Unfortunately, not much selection on the menu, however the price was really cheap compare with the restaurants in the old town.  This place is good for relaxing or just chill out, so do not except much on the food.

The pavilion we were sitting in

I decided to have a traditional Swedish food of fried hearing. This is the first time I have it fried, and the taste was not bad. It was okay.


Mickey has a Swedish meat balls and he said it was okay too, but nothing special like the one he has at the other restaurant.


We did enjoy the view and surrounding.  If you would like to try something different, this place is really nice but it has a limited menu and an average food.


Norr Mälarstrand 64, 121 49 Stockholm
Telefon: +46 8 650 87 01



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