Brewery with castle view

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If you are a beer lover, this place is a “must” to visit.   The place was buzzing with local and tourist alike.  The restaurant has a special beer testing consist of  6 or 12 glasses of different type of beers which you can choose yourself.  This place is the oldest brewery in Germany, and it is restaurant offer traditional German cuisine at reasonable price.


The place located opposite the Charlottenburg Palace.  If you are sitting outside in the terrace you can have a good view toward the Palace and can day dream to be a King one day.

The bar

The staff is friendly and casual, you can choose the seat on your own and order from the menu provided.

Inside the restaurant

I personally love the crispy pork shank on the menu and the portion was huge. The meat was tender and delicious.  My only complain is I only get half of the pork skin – since the chef cut it off from the meat, which I found very strange.  This is the first time I only got half of the pork skin when I order the whole pork shank.    Other than that, the food was great. I love the sauerkraut which accompanied the meat.  It was delicious.

Mickey order beef with red cabbage and black sauce.  I thought my food was way better than him – since he also eats my pork shank.

Unfortunately, we were too full after our main meal, so we don´t know about the dessert.  But it is always next time to revisit, since we have been visiting this place on our previous trip.

If you are in the area, you can try the food there.

Brauhaus Lemke am Schloss

+49 (0)30 308 789 79




      1. You made me doubt. 🙂 I had to look it up. It is prosit too in German, pronounced ‘prost’. And I just learned that it comes from Latin prosit, “may it be good”. And thinking about it, in Spanish the word ‘salud’ is used both when someone sneezes and for a toast.
        Salute… 😉

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      2. I had to look it up as well now. I guess it is the other way around. The Latin word comes from the Germanic word 🙂 And you are right there is a form called prosit – which I guess is the older form and the more used current form of the word has been shortend to prost. I didn’t know this before 🙂

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  1. That whole meal looks phenomenal… and that setting!!! WOW! So strange about the pork skin though, perhaps it was an accident? The skin does look amazing, so I get why you’d want it all!

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