Hidden Charming Italian Restaurant

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We found this restaurant hidden a couple block away behind the Oranienburg castle.

From outside, the place looks really small and un-attractive, however once inside, it was spacious and plenty of space inside the building and outside in the garden with nice fresh air and greenery.

I was hungry in the late afternoon around 2pm and I need my carb fix, so I would not be grumpy while sightseeing and it was tiring walking around exploring many places.  This place was good as it offers lunch and to my surprise the price was cheaper than in Berlin city.

I decided to have a spaghetti carbonara.  I know…..it is an Italian Restaurant, but we have been eating local curry worst and other German specialty, so I guest… it is okay to eat something not so German.

Mickey was still full after his big breakfast, and opted to have ice coffee instead.

Another surprise when the staff bringing breads since I do not expect this.  The toasted bread with fresh tomatoes salsa was delicious.  I did not try the other bread since I will have my main meal.

The spaghetti itself was nice and much better than I expected.  It was indeed proper Italian food without any mix or fusion (since we are in Germany).

I was happy with my food and then we go out for another sightseeing until diner time.

We decided to dine here again, since it takes awhile by train to go to Berlin.  We seat in the garden outside for dinner and it was nice.   Dinner was good as well, minus the dessert since they run out of Tiramisu. and we all happy with full tummy on before catching our train back to Berlin.

Pizzeria La Villa

Kanalstraße 5, 16515 Oranienburg, Germany

Phone: +49 3301 535025



  1. What a wonderful meal! I’m actually not a huge spaghetti fan- but that looks just spectacular!!! Such a bummer they ran out of tiramisu- must mean it’s really good – great excuse to return. That coffee drink also looks tremendous! Can you tell I haven’t quite had my breakfast yet? Thanks for sharing !!

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