European Fusion in Berlin

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Kurfurstendamm is Berlin most famous shopping boulevard and plenty of famous labels and also restaurants to cater all budget.  We love our stay in the area which is very handy to explore around Berlin city.

There is one Michelin restaurant close by our hotel and the price was very reasonable compare with the restaurants in Copenhagen Denmark, so we decided to give it a go even though the food is a fusion mix with Scandinavian, Spanish and Italian influences.

This place is different than any other Michelin restaurants around the world.  The restaurant is much more informal, and it is bar open to the public, so people can just sit at the terrace enjoying the sun and drinks without the pressure to dine inside.

They have a set menu where we can choose the dishes to try (from 4, 5, 6 or 8 dishes).  In addition to this, we can choose what food we want, so it was much more flexible.

We book the table before we come to Berlin and the service was good when we arrived at the restaurant at 7pm, since there were only 3 tables occupied.  Unfortunately, the service slips down below the standard normal restaurant when the restaurant was busy during the night.  The food takes a long time to arrive at the table in between the serving, which is unacceptable especially when dine at a high-end restaurant.

I supposed the problem was lies in the kitchen, since people can choose the menu themselves and the kitchen can not keep up with it. 

Usually the Michelin restaurants only have one or two set menus where the whole table have to choose the same things so they can give the best service and experience to the guest.

The food itself was good with nice presentation to the eyes.  Unfortunately, the waiting time was a killer appetite.  The timing was bad and when the restaurant getting busy, they only have 2-3 staff for the whole restaurant which is not enough.

We had 6 course menu which cost €98 per person plus drinks.  It was definitely good value for money and cheaper than dine in Copenhagen.

If they upskill the staff and provide better service than what we had, we would definitely come back here as the food was delicious.

Kurfürstendamm 160
10709 Berlin

Tel. 030 88 47 57 88

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