Most beautiful square in Berlin

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There are many famous squares around Berlin. Some of them are mainly known as being important transportations hubs like the Alexander Platz. But in the center of Berlin you find a very pretty square called Gendarmenmarkt which isn’t a major transportation hub. There are an underground station nearby at Stadtmitte (city center) which is served by the underground lined named after a famous rock band – U2. Ok maybe the line might be older than the band but still.

The square is fairly big and there are many beautiful buildings around the square. At one end of the square you find the large Französischer Dom which is one of the major churches of the center of the Berlin. At the side of the square you will find the large Konzerthaus where you can enjoy music at night or just marvel at the building from the outside. At the other end of the square you have another large church the Deutscher Dom.

There are many restaurants around the square where you can have some food and there are also options to sit at the square itself and enjoy a drink or some food in the sunshine of the spring.

In November and December the square is transformed into the most popular of the many Christmas markets. During this time of the year you can go and enjoy the many specialties of the German Christmas time – but it is actually a bit difficult to enjoy the square because the many stalls will obstruct your view of the square.

If you visit the center of Berlin it is easy to reach the Gendarmenmarkt you can get here if you walk from Check Point Charlie and towards the Bebelplatz at Unter den Linden which you might be walking on if you visit Brandenburger Tor or the Museum Island in the center of Berlin.

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