Having rabit at the white cliffs

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Today we explore Dingli cliff with our little rental car.  How glad I was the car was small and easy to drive in this small and winding road. Imagine if we have a big car……Oh boy….. I probably will scream all day when I see car coming from the other side, since I have to drive. Mental note to remember…. Small car for Malta and Italy so it would be easy to drive and park.

Anyway, after exploring and driving for a while, we decided to stop and had lunch there as I remembered from the previous trip, there is one small café/ restaurant which serve quite good food, and it would be nice to sit outside and enjoying the sun.

Luckily there is table for us, and the food selection was very appetizing. I wish I could order many different things, but my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so I have to restrain myself and both of us decided to order their specialty which is rabbit stew.

We both have an orange juice to drain the thirst, and it was very good and sweet, original fresh juice with it is pulp.  Love it.   Not long after our food arrived.   The food smell makes my tummy singing.  The aroma was delicious. I could not wait to eat it, but I have to take photos first for this review.

I do not remember what sauce it was, but it was delicious. The food was accompanying with potatoes and vegetables which source from local farmers.

The portion was huge…. It was really yummy.  I could not finish all my food, but luckily, I have my big giant friend who can devour all the food.  Total cost €49 including drinks for 2 people.  We both enjoyed the peaceful and relax atmosphere there. The restaurant also offer free wifi so we can upload our food photos into the instagram.

This place also offers a free eco-tour around the area (base on tip).  Unfortunately, we haven´t try it.  I supposed there is always a reason to come back and revisit in the future.

The Cliffs Interpretation Centre,
Triq Panoramika,

Telephone: +356 21455470
Mobile: +356 7927 3747
E Mail: thecliffsdingli@gmail.com

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