Road trip around Labuanbajo

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We have had a great time in Labuanbajo exploring the islands off the coast diving under the water and going out to see the komodo dragons on Rinca Island. We only spend a little time looking at the area in the city itself which isn’t too interesting so today we will go a bit around the inland area of the city.

A short drive away from the city is a little canyon which leads to a cave. We go inside the cave where we fortunately can get some decent torches and then we can go and explore the different formations inside the cave. In addition to the different geological formations there are a bit of wildlife inside the cave. Some creepy crawling stuff and a few bats sleeping for the day.

After getting out of the cave we drive the long way back to the city. The road is fairly steep and we reach a point where there is a great view of the water outside Labuanbajo. It is pretty to look at all the blue water with the ships and the islands in the background.

We head back to the city where we head out a long pier at a restaurant with a bit of view of the bay. Then we head back to town to walk around. There are not many great attractions in the city but we do manage to find the local mosque and go down to a fish market which are semi interesting. Down next to the market are a long stretch of small stalls making food. We decide to go here for the last dinner in town. When you get there you can pick the fish you want a have a bit other food to go along with it. The restaurants face west – so you should think there would be a great sunset here. But there is a string of land just across the bay so we can’t actually see the sun set into the ocean. At least there are some colours on the sky at sunset.


      1. Ok – is it only this entry or is all my entries? Will you check another blog entry for me – they should all have photos except one old one from Syria.


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