Revisiting the dragons

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I went along to the dragons yesterday since Yunni didn’t really feel like hanging out onboard a boat for a full day while I was diving. So today we go back together to try to get a better look at the dragons.

There are a lot of daytrips going to Rinca so it isn’t difficult to find a tour. The different boats all seem to do pretty much the same thing. Go to Rinca to spot the dragons and then stop at a couple of beach to do some snorkeling off the beach or just hang out on the beach.

We go to the island and form a group of five – which are the maximum number of people which can be in a group with one tour guide for safety reason.

We walk away from the small harbor and see the mangrove trees with the monkeys and get to the ranger station. Then we start walking. We take the same tour around the island I did yesterday. We spot a couple of dragons at the kitchen cabin which might be the same I saw yesterday – they don’t seem to move much after they found a reliable source of food.

We walk out to the trails into the forest and it doesn’t take long before we see a big Komodo dragon walking along. I guess Yunni brings luck so we easily spot a dragon in the wild. We stop and look at the dragon until it moves away and then we continue the walk. A short way down the path we spot another dragon walking towards us on the path.

We walk along the trails across the island and we spot one more dragon. Then we spot one more dragon. And finally we spot one more dragon walking in the wild. I can’t believe I didn’t see any in the wild yesterday and today there are five along the exact same track. I guess this just tell you if you are not lucky the first time around you should try again. And maybe go with your own personal lucky charm.

We get back to the village and the dragons at the kitchen. But with all the big dragons in the wild today the ones hanging out at the kitchen doesn’t seem that interesting anymore they feel a bit too tame.

We go back on the boat and go to a couple of different spots to snorkel. The snorkeling is decent and I guess if you haven’t done any diving at the are it might be impressive. Though snorkeling from the shore is rarely the best place to go and that is also the case today. At least there are some aggressive clown fish which are always good to watch for entertainment.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I didn’t even know creatures like this still existed!! SO fascinating!! Thank you for sharing- I feel like I’ve learned so much about the world from following along on your blog.

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    1. I am happy to introduce you to these amazing dragons. I wanted to visit them for many many years and finally managed to go and see them in real life and not just on television.

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