Happy diving at Ankermi

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We fly from Bali to Maumere which is one of the two main airports on Flores. Being a main airport on Flores doesn’t mean it is a huge airport and traffic here is pretty limited compared to the airport on Bali. I find this is a great thing because maybe the airport is primitive but we get through it easily. We get out and a driver is waiting with a sign so we can get into the car and take the half hour drive

The coast at the resort

We arrive at the Happy Dive Ankermi resort which is located right at the water edge. Unfortunately there is no beach in front of the resort only stones so you don’t get the real tropical beach feeling with the sandy beach and palm trees along the water. At least you can sit down on the beach chairs and look over the water and there is a platform in front of the resort where you can also go onboard the dive boat. From here you can enjoy the sunset in the evening.

We come to stay at the resort for a few days mainly to get a chance to go out into the water. The area here in the bay in front of the resort used to be very famous as one of the best diving spots in all of Indonesia – which really sound promising considering the many different amazing diving spots you can find in these islands. Unfortunately the reef in the area suffered significant damage during a huge tsunami in 1992 and even today the reef apparently is only a shadow of their former glory. I guess I will have to go below the surface to see what is there today to judge if the reef has recovered or not.

I get out on a boat to go out on the lagoon in front of the resort and go diving at the reef. The water is clear and the reef seems to be in fairly good condition – it seems like most of the damage has been restored during the last 2½ decades. It is a good spot to have a dive and go down and see the tropical fish of the waters around Flores.

When you are not diving there really isn’t a lot to do at this resort but just to relax and possibly read a book. The resort is located on a steep sloop from the main road going down to the water edge. Up at the road there really doesn’t seem to be much around so you more or less need to have all your meals at the resort. The food is decent but the lack of competition sort of have let to slightly high prices compared to the quality of the food.

There is plenty of time to relax and enjoy the lush green garden of the resort before everybody gathers down at the water for a sunset beer before it is time for dinner.


    1. I haven’t noticed your indonesian blog yet. We did go to the most touristy parts of Flores but compared to certain other parts of the country I didn’t find it very touristy.


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