Catching the boat to Vittoriosa

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After we had lunch in one of the streets of Valetta we make it down at the water side down below the Barrakka Gardens. From here we can catch one of the ferries going across the water to the two towns opposite Valetta. Unfortunately the ferry has just left a few minutes before we get down there so we just have to sit and wait. I guess we could take one of the private boats taking passengers across the water instead – but by the time we realize we could take a water taxi the ferry is on its way to the shore and we get ready to go onboard.

We head up on the top deck from where we can enjoy the view while we are sailing across. The sail doesn’t take more than ten fifteen minutes and we land in Vittoriosa. The city was renamed from Birgu following the victorious end to the Ottoman siege in 1565 – which the locals wanted to mark by renaming the town victory.

We get out of the boat and walks pass the fortification at the edge of town which houses a war museum. I am not sure if it is open – but we haven’t got much time to wonder around the city so we walk pass the museum and into the center. We head to a little square and from there it is an easy walk through some streets in the old town to the other side of the town. From here there is a view out over some other fortifications.

The city is really small so you don’t really run any risk of getting lost when you are wondering the streets here. Going through the streets it is time to enjoy the lovely Maltese balconies which seems to be everywhere in the older towns. And then head back to the other side of the city where the main church are located – contrary to many of the churches in Malta this one is actually free to enter so after having a quick look out over the water we head inside the church.

By now it is more or less time to stop sightseeing and go back to the main square of the old town Vittoriosa and catch the bus to Valetta bus terminal to change for a bus to the airport. Unfortunately it is time to leave sunny Malta behind.


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