The fortress of Cordoba

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In the extreme south west corner of the old town in Cordoba you find the Alcázar de los Reyes Christianos. There had been a fortress at the location historically since it was a strategic location down at the river at the edge of the settlement – but the construction of the current fortress were started in 1328 just a bit shy of a hundred years after the Christian kings reconcurred the city from the Moors.

Later the fortress was the primary residence of Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon the marriage between the two was the corner stone in the unification of all of Spain except the area around Granada which were still held by the Muslim Moors. The castle was the headquarter for some important historic events. It was the headquarter for the final campaign against Granada which led to the reunification of all of Spain in the beginning of 1492. The same year the king and queen met with a certain Christopher Columbus before he set out on his voyage across the see to discover new territories for Spain – and later that year stumbled upon a new continent.

When you go visit the castle today you will see it from the outside and it looks fairly impressive when you just walk down to the castle. When you have paid the entrance fee you will be able to go inside. There is none of the furnishing from back when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel lived in the castle but there is something interesting to watch inside the castle. There are a great collection of mosaics and down in the basement you will see some old royal bath.

I find the best thing about the castle is the view from the top where you can see much of the old town of Cordoba and the river next to the castle – not to mention the courtyard of the castle. You can also see the garden of the castle from above – and the garden is another highlight.

After you have seen the inside of the castle you should spend at least the same amount of time just wondering the large garden outside the castle. There are many well-manicured trees and several pools around the garden you can go and enjoy. In some of the pools are a few fish swimming around.


      1. It was between 15-19 when we were there in January – not super hot but nice compared to what we left behind. Good for exploring but you need a jacket for the nights for sure.

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      2. It was colder in Granada – but that was partly because the city is a bit higher. We probably had a few days a bit colder as well. But I remember the 15-19 which were the enjoyable days where you could sit outside at the tapas bar and have a drink in the sun – no jacket on.

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