The green patches of Cordoba

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Most people come to Cordoba to enjoy the ancient city within the old walls. Hence not many tourists go outside the walls of the city. If you do go outside the walls of the old town you will actually find a lot of parks stretching along the city wall just across a couple of big roads.

The water outside the wall

If you pop out of the old town at the gate close by the synagogue you get out to the small street of Cale Cairuan which has a series of pretty small pools in the shade of the wall of the city.

Roman mausoleum

Heading north from here you reach one of the bigger green areas between the big roads – but when you get out to the green area it is actually pretty nice to walk around it. It is the Jardines de la Victoria – the park is pretty and with a lot of shade. There is an old Roman mausoleum inside the park – but the mausoleum isn’t really interesting so the attraction of the park is the green shaded bit which is probably where the locals will go to cool down in the hot summers of Andalusia – it wasn’t hot this morning so there really weren’t a lot of people around.

Heading further north you cross a road to get to another park just on the other side of the road. It is Jardines de la Agricultura which has a big playground so it probably will attract some parents and kids later in the day – but I guess people eating so late in the evening won’t be out early in the day.

On the northern edge of the old town is another park which leads down to the train station – so I guess this park will see a lot of travelers walking through it on their way to and from the train station.

Heading back inside the old town we get to the big Palacio Merced which is a nice old building. Right across from this big building you find a big park inside the old town in the old town.

It was nice to have a quick stroll through the green parks of the city to see a bit of green – they are nice but the main attraction of Cordoba is still what is inside the walls of the old town.


  1. I’ve always wanted to go there. Hopefully, next year.

    Btw, I’m letting my readers know my blog is now private, so if you’d still like to read me, you’ll need to click on my blog for permission. Hope to see you there.

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