Salzillo Restaurant

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One word for this place – LOVE – it.  Everything we order at this place was superb.  If you are in Murcia city Spain, and have time, please do not hesitate to visit this place. The food was really good, and good value for money (we think) even though it was not cheap for Spain.  We spent €150 for all the food and one bottle of wine, plus tip for the staff as they were so nice and helpful, and we were very happy with the service provided and I was a bit tipsy, so everything looks so rosy and wonderful, and I get a bit lose with my wallet.

The restaurant located at city centre and easy to find with google map on the phone.

From the moment we enter the restaurant door, we were warmly greeted by the staff.  And after finding our reservation, we were seated at the back of the restaurant, as the front restaurant is served as a tapas bar and it was full of people.

Our table was great, as we can do people watch and see the guest in the restaurant (even though we do not know anybody, we find it was still interesting to do that – to see how people dress, or what they order and eat). 

Anyhow, the table has crisp white napkin, and fancy cutlery like dining in high end restaurant. Unfortunately, the staff do not speak English and they asked the staff from the tapas bar to come and speak to us as he speaks a little English.  We choose the menu with the help of him and one other lady from the restaurant.  Basically, we just follow their suggestion about what to eat, and they show us the menu and picture – what it looks like.  We are on their hand and we just cross finger and hope for the best food to appear at our table.

One bottle of wine, mineral water and a bread basket come up at the right time.  We enjoy the wine as it was really good.

Not long after,  the first dish of lobster salad with caviar arrived.   We did not disappoint; it was very delicious.  However we found it was a bit difficult to eat the meat from the lobster claws and body.  Anyhow, it was a small problem as the food was very yummy and tasty.

Next we have a duck and seafood meat ball served warm.  The taste was interesting in a good way and the sauce was very nice.

This food supposedly to be the most traditional food in Murcia. Baby eels cooked with onions.  The portion was humongous.  I actually quite scared to eat this food, but I tried it a bit.  It was okay and I found the other food was much better.

Baby eel

Oh boy…. I am salivating just remembering this food.  It was heavenly.  So simple but soo good.  Poached egg with cream, mushroom and truffle. It was really yummy.  I was tempted to get second bowl of this.  If I ever go back here, I will get 2 bowl for myself.

Lastly the steak with fries and chilly for my big Viking best friend as he is a meat eater and need his big steak.  I have fish mix with seafood cooked in Spanish traditional way.  It was delicious and the portion was huge. 

After all those foods, I really can not move but I can not refuse a good dessert, so both of us has different cakes.  I actually can not move and my tummy was really hurt as I over ate.  The staff was laughing at me, but he so kindly brought the camomile tea to soothing my tummy.  After around 15 minutes, I feel better and we can leave the restaurant.  Auww….. I though we might have to sleep on the table since I could  not move.


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