Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli

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In 306 the Terme di Diocletiani opens. The building of the bath started under Maximian in 298 in cooperation with his co-emperor Diocletian. It was the greatest of all the imperial baths in Rome – the work wasn’t finished during the two emperor’s reign but was finally finished by Constantine.

When you walk up to the church at the Piazza della Repubblica and see the church it doesn’t look like much. The entry is pretty dull – it actually looks like it is half a ruin – which might be because the original church here was built in the great roman tradition on just incorporating some of the previous buildings at the same spot – which just happen to be the Terme di Diocleziano.

The original church of Maria degli Angeli was designed by Michelangelo but it has gone through significant remodeling later – hence much of Michelangelo’s original designs are long gone. The inside is still impressive though – the minute you go through the door you are surprised by the interior – it is just hard to comprehend how different the inside and the outside of this church is. The inside is a stunning church with decorations at the different niches and the main alter of the church.

The floor is nice looking as well and for some reason it got some sort of a timeline – which I never really understood what meant. There is also a display of the invention of the pendulum in the church.

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