L´Altro – Home made Italian Cooking

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For a foodie like us, it is a great advantage to live in Copenhagen City, where many delicious restaurants available to dine in and enjoy ourselves. September is the best month to go out and enjoy all the benefit of the “early bird dinner special” at many different restaurants.  To be able to get a special discount, we need to book through the internet and paid the food in advanced.

On Wednesday night, we tried L´Altro restaurant which has been recommended by Bib Gourmand as a high-quality food at affordable prices.  Furthermore, L´Alto is a child of “Era Ora” restaurant which has one Michelin star.

We have been dined at this place many times before and we are very happy with the quality of the food served at this place.

20180919_182630 (1024x576)

The place is cozy and casual without any pretendious – it is like the modern Italian “Antiristorante” in the 50´s.

This time, we opt for their smaller portion which is 4 courses meal which cost Dkk385 (usd61) for 2 people without drinks.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we noticed there were not many guests inside and we have a quite and comfortable dinner.

20180919_182942 (1024x576)
Olives with lemon skin

The drinks were offered immediately, and the free olives arrived on the table.

The service was good, and the food was tasty.  The generosity of the wines offered in the glass was another bonus.

20180919_184448 (1024x576)
Crispy noodles with tomatoes, bread with cheese and mayonaise, and crispy sage leaves

The 3 different kind of snacks was delicious, and it was nice opening before the meal.

20180919_190248 (1024x576)
Risotto with dried tomatoes, herbs and something crispy

The portion of the Risotto with carrot was huge and very tasty. The risotto was nicely decorated with dried tomatoes and something crispy.

20180919_193254 (1024x576)
Home made ravioli with aubergine and Parmesan cheese top with deep fried aubergine

Next dish is the home-made ravioli fill in with aubergine and Parmesan cheese served with tomato sauce.  It was delicious and the portion just right.

20180919_201058 (1024x576)
Medallion Pork with Kale, Sweet potatoes and rim of pork

Lastly the pork filet with garden vegetable and sweet potatoes presented on our table.  The pork was tender, and the green was nice and slightly crispy.  However, I find the potatoes was too sweet.

After finished dinner, we were thinking about dessert, but we decided against it since both of us was full.

We find, it was a good value dinner with very tasty food.  We shall come back to this place in the future.


      1. Indeed, it was an amazing journal and much better than I expected, ha..ha.. since I expect no shower for several days:)
        Apparently the system was in place even though it was a bit difficult to travel but plenty of hotels and restaurants compare with Mongolia:)
        Thanks for reading and I wish you a great week. We are off to New York for food exploration in 10 days time, I so looks forward to it now:)


    1. This portion is actually quite large compare with many restaurants we have eaten in Copenhagen. For some reason, in Europe they serve very tiny portion compare with other countries around the world:)
      It was substantial and we were actually quite full by the time we finished dinner. May need one piece of cake, ha.ha..

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