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I was lucky being pampered by my best buddy to visit this place.

Unlike other Michelin restaurants around the world, the 108 restaurant was very casual and informal, even though they are pocketing one Michelin star in their sleeve.  This restaurant is famous for fermenting many ingredients and raw food and serve green from their own garden.

The tables and chairs position close to each other and do not have much room to move around.  It does not show any luxury compare with the price they charged for the food.  It cost Dkk1950 (usd305) per person for the 8 courses tasting menu including 6 glasses of wines pairing.

The staff was cordial and friendly enough but very different with other Michelin star restaurants.  The music was too loud to my liking and the place was quite noisy with people talking, and definitely no privacy between the dinners.  We actually talking with our next neighbor and comparing the food taste.

When we were seated, we were offered drinks and the free bread arrived shortly.

bread (1024x576)
sourdoug bread

The food itself come in timely manner.  We noticed that they only allowed each guest 2 slices of bread.  Our bread was finished and the staff did not replenish it, instead they just take out the bread basket but leave the butter on the table until we finish eating.

The food itself quite mix.  Some are good, and other are not that great.  I feel the food was lack of art decoration and I did not feel the “uhm” factor and it does not leave much impression in taste.

Interestingly, there were no a pre-snack before we start, instead we dig in straight into the meal.  The portion itself was small and I was not full when we finished dinner.  I probably can eat a couple more dishes.

corn with caviar (1024x576)
Raw Summer Corn with Royal Belgian Caviar

The first dish of Raw Summer corn with Royal Belgian caviar was okay.   For some reason, I do not taste much of the caviar saltiness and the whole taste was subtle.

radish (1024x576)
The awful radish dish – no taste at all

I do not understand why they serve this dish – Radish with salted green strawberries which was fermented.  It smells and taste awful.  This dish baffle me…. Why it was there….Is the restaurant want to jack up the profitability……not sure.

salad (1024x576)
Green Salad

Next is a collection of Green salad with roasted seaweed.  It was not that bad, but the sauce was too sour to my liking, and I only eat half of the food served.

lobster claw (1024x576)
Lobster Claw with raspberries

This is decent food and probably the best food for the night _- Lobster Claw with raspberry.  It looks nice and inviting. I find all the taste was subtle and nothing stand out in itself.

raw lamb (1024x576)
Raw Lamb wrapped in perilla leaves

I tried a couple of bites of this Raw lamb wrapped in perilla leaves.  It was okay but …… we were dine at one Michelin star restaurant and I expect better meal than this kind of food.  Come on Chef… please show  up your talent.


Last of the meal before dessert was Raw Grilled Lobster Tail with summer flowers.  To be honest, I was hesitating to eat this.  I see it was grilled outside but raw inside.  I do not want to get food poisoning.  Finally, I eat, and taste was okay and thanks God – no food poisoning.

pineapple cherries (1024x576)
Pineapple cherries

The first dessert was pineapple cherries with corn sauce.  It looks nice but not much taste.  I feel, the chef was lazy and just served this thing and called it a dessert.  Gosh, we can just buy this pineapple cherries from supermarket and eat as it is, it would taste sweeter than what was served tonight.

ice cream (1024x576)
Ice Cream with Belgian Caviar

The last dessert of Rausu Konbu Ice cream with Royal Belgian caviar was interesting.  It was definitely taste better than the first dessert.

All in all…… will I come back to this place???  Probably not.  For the price and the food, there are other restaurants better than this in Copenhagen.




    1. My favourite restaurants in Copenhagen are Kong Hans Kælder, AOC and Marshall. They are really good and delicious. We have been there several times and the restaurants performance was very good, stabil and the food are delicious.

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  1. It is such a shame that a restaurant that is supposedly serving such high-quality food and service did not meet your expectations. Thank you for your honest review.

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  2. More about the presentation than the taste, it seems. Nor much actual cooking involved. I too would be hesitant about some of the raw elements, although I enjoy steak tartare.

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    1. Thanks. It was nice but for Michelin star restaurants, it should be nicer in term of the decoration adn the taste of the food. It was not that bad but we do expect more for this kind of place:)


      1. Ha ha. I think I will never be able to try a Michelin starred restaurant. Ha ha

        Hey, I posted a new blog”Ask Me Anything” I hope you could participate in it if you don’t mind. 🙂

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