Stopping over at Schloss Chalottenburg

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The day starts very early getting to the airport for that terrible 6.40 departure to Berlin. We manage to get to the airport in time and check in and then get to the plane. It is a short flight to berlin from Copenhagen – actually it is only around 35 minutes of actual flying so we spend much more time in the airport in Copenhagen than on the actual flight. We arrive more or less on time and then have 7 hours before our connection to Budapest will leave Berlin. So we got plenty of time to actually head in to the city and do some explorations.

Since we arrive at Tegel Airport the obvious choice of destination is easy – the Schloss Charlottenburg which is pretty close to the airport. We catch a bus and it is only a short bus ride to the corner of the castle. The castle doesn’t open until 10 so we got plenty of time to get some breakfast in the small restaurant directly opposite the castle.

Main hall

After breakfast the ticket sales at the castle is open and we get across the street and get tickets for the castle and a couple of more attractions in the garden of the castle. The castle was pretty severely damaged in 1943 but it has been repaired and there is no obvious evidence of the old war damage any more.


It is pretty crowded inside the castle even though the halls are big and impressive. It takes a while wondering the halls looking at the golden decorations of some rooms which a giant halls with lots of gold on the walls and ceiling.


For me the main attraction inside the castle is the beautiful rooms and ceilings but there is more on display including some old crown jewels and lots of different silverware and porcelain. It takes a while before we are done with the rather big castle and makes it out into the garden area. The garden is pretty big to walk and it is a nice spring day hence it is pleasant to walk around in the garden.


Right next to the big castle is a smaller building which is fairly attractive and it is pretty inside the building. If it hadn’t been for the big castle next door this could have been a worthwhile destination for a quick visit in itself. Fortunately the ticket does cover the entrance to the Neuer Pavillion as well so we head inside and enjoy the building. It can’t quite live up to the main castle but there is some paintings and displays inside the small castle which are rather interesting.


We head out of the tiny castle and make our way down through the park – the park around Schloss Charlottenburg is quite big so the walk through the park takes a while. We walk along some lakes and landscaped garden and down at the end of the park is a little castle called Belvedere. We go inside the castle walking up the stairs looking at the different exhibitions of mainly china. They do have a lot of china on display in this small castle including a lot of boxes which could be used for carrying the china from one location to the next. I figure this was a convenient feature for the buyers in the high end market who might have moved around from one castle to the next during the year.


After visiting the little castle we walk back through the park pretty much the same way – so it isn’t all that interesting a walk. We go out to see a little mausoleum which houses several of the old Hohenzoller family. The building is a little building in the style of a Greek temple. The family members are entombed in large marble constructions which a statue of them lying on top of the sarcophagus.


After saying a quick hallo to the Hohenzollerns’ we head out of the park to the main castle. It is about time for a little bite to eat – and what better place to have a quick curry wurst than in the orangerie of the palace. So we go in and have a little to eat before we need to decide what to do. The visit to the castle has taken a while so there isn’t really enough time to head to the center of Berlin – so we consider heading back to the airport early. But on the way to the bus stop we spot a nice little restaurant with outside table. It is a little local brewery with several different craft beers on the menu. There is a little tasting menu with 6 different small glasses of beer – and there is plenty of time to enjoy the sun and the small beers before getting back on the bus.


      1. So only a question of time before you happen to be there 🙂 We only spend 6 hours in Berlin when we went to the Castle – it is worth spending a bit more time.

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      2. I have only been to Helsinki on Work a couple of times. I found the city very different since I went once in February looking at the ice and freezing. And then in late june when there was a market going on at the cathedral Square and the annual carnival.

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    1. I think it was that one – but it is a few years back so I am not sure. If I was on Holiday to Finland I would just stay in Helsinki – I would try to see the country but since I had to go to meetings both times I had no time to go outside the Capital – I only managed to go to the Island just outside the Capital on a Little trip.

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