Kong Hans Kælder Restaurant

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The restaurant is one of my favorite high end dining in Copenhagen Denmark.  We have visited this place several times (up to 5 times) and the service is top notch.  The restaurant staffs remember us from the previous visit and they are very friendly and professional.  It is located at the basement of “Magasines” shopping centre right at the centre, close to the famous “Nyhavn”.

From the moment we arrived at the restaurant, everything is superb. We were shown to our table with a good view toward the whole room where we can do people watch.  The tables place a good distant from each other and we can have a private conversation without other guests’ ears dropping. Drinks were immediately served after we seated. Their dishes change every month and cater to all types of palates.  If you do not eat a certain food, just let the staff know and the chef will create something beautiful and delicious as a substitute.

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The décor is luxury but minimalist. There are beautiful Gothic arches around the room which constructed more than half a millennium ago.   The vaulted ceilings and solid wooden floors and a romantic candle light give a medieval atmosphere.  This place is a former “Royal Mint of King Hans” in Copenhagen, and we feel like a Royal when dine there.

The restaurant has a set menu which consists of 8 courses menu and 4 starters.  Oh yeah… the price is really expensive… but it is worth it.   The food is amazing, presented like a painting, feast to the eyes and taste very yummy.

It has one “Michelin” star, which recognize around the world as the best restaurants award.

The fancy and expensive wine selections match the food price and can be selected through small computer or ipad provided by the staff.  It is one of the sensory experiences. Beware of your wallet though…… it cost $$$$$



  1. To dine in a Michellin-rated-type restaurants is still on my bucket list! You continue to inspire me to pursue this dream!

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