The oldest hill of Rome – the Palatine Hill

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The Palatine Hill isn’t really the greatest Roman attraction you can find around the globe – many other former Roman cities have left much more remarkable remains than what you find at the Palatine Hill. But nowhere in the Roman Empire will the Roman the history stretch back further. Rome began here on this very hill – which makes it a unique spot in Roman and world history.

According to the legends Romulus founded a small village on this hill on 21 April 753 BC and on the hill you can find some minor remains of some old dwellings from about this period. The hill remained the place where the rich and influential citizens would live for the next 800 years. All during the republican period the Palatine Hill was the place the rich senators would live so they had easy access to the Forum Romano where the decisions of the republic would be made. During the imperial era the emperors would not all live on the Palatine Hill some would have their residence away from the hill.


Today little remain of the rich homes of the old Roman homes on the hill – one of the few still partly remaining is the old house of the first emperor August who had his house build right next to the legendary spot where Romulus had his first cabin.

If you want to see impressive Roman ruins this hill probably isn’t the place for you – there are a few remarkable places but the main attraction is just wondering around the hill knowing you are walking the same roads Crassus, Cicero, Pompejus and Cato walked along more than 2000 years ago at the end of the republican era.


One great think about the hill is you get some great views from the top of the hill of the Forum Romano next door – and the ticket cover entry to The Palatine Hill, Forum Romano and the Colosseum. You really should buy your ticket at the Palatine Hill to avoid the long line at the Colosseum.

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