Did you also have camel for Christmas?

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Today is a long day of just driving – there is nothing planned to see for the day we only have to get down south in Libya using the one and only road in this area. This is a good way to see that Libya actually is a pretty wealthy country. The road is in prime condition and considering how little traffic there is in this part of the Sahara you wonder why they actually build a surfaced road on such a long distance.

Shacky shots of the landscape

I don’t really mind the drive – I am back in the dessert my main reason to travel to Libya and I like the landscape. It is not the most stunning dessert landscape ever but it is ok and once in a while there is something interesting to see.

Hay truck in the middle of Sahara

Now and again there is a camel in the distance or close to the road – some dead but most of them are still alive and well.

Dry land of Libya

During a stop for a cup of coffee there are several trucks with hay at the side of the road – during the trip we had actually passed lots of them. It is a bit strange to see them in the middle of the Sahara – there is not any water in sight and it doesn’t look like it had rain in days, weeks or month. But still they drive hay around on there big trucks – it must come from some oasis or wadies in the south of Libya. Then at the rest stop a small pickup truck comes along the driver needs a rest. But in the back of this pickup truck is some surprising passengers – a group of camels – here I thought the camel were though animals walking alone in the dessert for days to come from one place to the next always searching for water and food – and now they are driven by pickup truck.

Late sun in the Sahara

Well they are cute and they are suddenly the centre of attention for everybody in our group they do make excellent models for us all.

The day comes to an end and we are getting close to the first of a series of nights camping. This night is the super luxury camping night with huts, toilets and showers – so it feels more like a hotel than camping. But hey it is Christmas Eve tonight and for Danes this is the most important night during the Christmas holiday. I really should phone home to wish my parents a merry Christmas – but no town and no internet or anything like that – so I most give it a miss.

Profile shot – turn around for a better shot please

We are getting ready for diner in the restaurant. It is on the top floor of the only two storage building in the area.

Thank you thats nice

The casual dress for the night is warm cloths like all other places in Libya there is no sign of heating in the restaurant and the outside temperature is not all that impressive. The diner for Christmas Eve is the traditional diner you would eat at home all over North America and Europe. Camel and couscous with a can of Pepsi – it seems like Libya is Pepsi country you hardly ever see a can of Coke anywhere always Pepsi. The camel actually taste really nice and is tender so it easy to eat with a spoon – for some reason it seem like everything in Libya needs to be eaten with a spoon hence it is really important the meet is tender,


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