Ferry town at the south coast of Skåne

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The town of Ystad is located at the Swedish southern coast and this location mean it has been sort of a window to Europe from Sweden which is located at the northern edge of Europe. After Sweden conquered the city in the 17th century from Denmark it became a Swedish port trading with Europe. Today the port isn’t a major freight terminal but it has remained an important connection to Europe.

From Ystad you can catch ferries to Poland and the Danish island of Bornholm. Ystad is actually on the main route between Copenhagen and the island of Bornholm so many people will go through the city when they head to Bornholm for their holidays.

Old half timbered house

I guess most people head straight for the ferry and just skip the town of Ystad altogether. The old town isn’t the major highlight of Skåne but it is a shame if people don’t give the old town at least a bit of attention. The city date back to the medieval times and despite several wars between Denmark and Sweden over the years some of the old town has survived until today.

The most interesting of the old houses is probably the one found at Per Helsas Gård which is home to several craft workshops and art shops. And it generally a pretty place to visit. The houses here date back to the 16th century and they seem to have been pretty well preserved compared to most other houses in Scandinavia from this era.

Close by Per Helsas Gård you find other old half-timbered houses and a few small museums. You can enjoy just walking around the small streets for a while – but if this isn’t enough you do have the option to visit some of the small museums in the center of the town.

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