Läckö castle at the great lake

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The castle of Läckö is the most beautiful castle located at the large Swedish lake of Vänern. The castle has a long history dating back to 1298 when it was a fortress located at the shore of the lake as a stronghold. Back only a few centuries ago the island of Vänern was actually almost at the end of Sweden since the countries of Denmark and Norway controlled the coast a couple of dozen miles away from the lake. So during times of war the area surrounding the castle would be some of the first parts of the Swedish lands to be attacked by the Danish or Norwegian armies.

In the early days the castle was controlled by the Catholic Church but this changed after the reformation in Sweden when the church lost all their property. The king took over the castle but in 1615 he gave it to his field marshal Jacob Pontusson de la Gardie. After the field marshal got the castle he went on a massive building spree which transformed the castle. When his son Magnus took over the castle later he increased it even more adding the fourth floor and gave the castle its current impression.

Today the castle has been named a national landmark and you can go and visit the castle to enjoy the many decorations the Gardie family made during their time at the castle. There are many beautiful paintings on the roof from that era which has been carefully restored.

The foundation of the castle works together with the national museum of fine arts to maintain and furnish the castle – so you can enjoy a lot of historic furniture inside the castle. The furniture is from the baroque period much like the castle itself making it a very interesting combination to go and enjoy. After you have seen the inside of the castle you can enjoy the location of the castle just down at the lake with a very scenic location.

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