Underground in Klodzko

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The small town of Klodzko in the southern part of Silesia close to the border of Slovakia they have made a new interesting tourist attraction. There used to be a lot of tunnels in the mountain under the city which were used to store different goods. These tunnels have now been opened to the public.

Old baker

The tunnels are quite old the first part of the tunnels are dating back to the 13th century. It took around 400 years for the locals to excavate all the tunnels.

Dry cleaning in the tunnels

You can reach the tunnels at the entrance next to the fortress of the city and walk down to the tunnels. The total length of the tunnels is around 600 meters and they have made a few displays under the ground you can have a look at while you are walking through the tunnels.

It is a fun little tour to take through the tunnels if you want to explore a hidden town under the ground so if you are heading for the famous castle of the city and get a little extra time it is natural to head down under the ground to have a look at the tunnels.

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