Painted houses of Zalipie

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The small village of Zalipie is located about 30 kilometers north of Tarnow and it is rather small – so if the locals hadn’t started to paint the houses a century ago nobody would probably ever make it to this town for a visit.

The local houses are wooden houses and in the village of Zalipie about 20 of the houses have been painted with floral paintings in bright colours. The most famous of the houses in Zalipie is the house of Felicja Curylowa. After her death the house were converted to a museum and you can go and visit the house and have a look inside the old buildings.

You were not allowed to actually go inside the house – possible because of safety concerns with the current pandemic – but you could look inside the windows and see the paintings. The walls and part of the roof was painted with the colourful flowers inside the house.

The house is rather small so it is quick to look around the house and the different rooms of the house. Felicja old house is the most interesting museum in the village but there are a few other painted houses around the town so it is worth looking around a bit. Just across the road from the museum you find another painted house which has a little shop you can have a look at as well. On the other roads around the village you can find a few more houses if you walk around.

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