Zamosc Renaissance city

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The city of Zamosc is located in the eastern part of Poland it is a 90 kilometers drive outside Lublin and about 250 kilometers from Warsaw making it an easy destination to reach from one of the these major urban centers.

The city is the best preserved renaissance city in Poland making it worth going down to have a look at. The city is so well preserved it was added to the UNESCE world heritage list in 1992.

When you get to the old town you will pass through some of the old fortifications which used to protect the city over the centuries – and by the looks of the many pretty old houses the fortifications or luck prevented any major damage to be inflicted on the old towns for centuries.

City hall

The main attraction of the city is the large Rynek Square in the center of the town the square is the old market place but the time of a market has long gone and now it is home to the impressive city hall and many restaurants spread around the square. It is the natural place to go for dinner and enjoy people watching at the square as you eat your dinner.

The old town is fairly small so you can easily walk from one end to the other in only a few minutes to get an idea of what the whole old town center looks like. It certainly worth wondering around for a bit to see more of the town than just the main square.

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