Stork on the polish country side

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One enjoyable thing about driving through the Polish country side is the natural sights you might spot along the road. Among the different birds you might spot one stands out for me – the white stork. There is always something special with the white stork the old story back at home is the stork brings children so I guess the stork just has a special place in most people’s mind when it comes to birds.

Driving through the northern parts of Poland we spot several storks everyday – it is fun considering the total number of breathing storks in Denmark has been only a couple of pairs in a good year for decades.

Every day we spot the baby storks which are getting pretty big here in the later part of July – but not quite big enough to leave the nest. They stand in the nest and looks like they are the same size as the parents but they still get the food delivered so the parents have to work harder than ever.

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