Bishop Castle of Lidzbark Warminski

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The small town of Lidzbark Warminski is home to the former bishop castle. The bishop of Warmia build this castle between 1350 and 1401 but shortly after it was finished the area around the castle was turned over to the Teutonic Knights who turned the castle into a little bastion to help their defense of the area – the knights rule at the castle didn’t last long. The castle and the city was turned back to Poland in 1466 and remained a polish possession up until the third partition of Poland when the country of Poland seized to exist and the city became part of Prussia.

The castle saw the last bishop leave in 1794 just before Prussia took over and since then the castle hasn’t been occupied by a bishop. In 1963 the castle became a branch of the regional museum in Olsztyn which is fortunate since it allows us to visit the castle today.

The castle is big and it takes a while to explore everything inside. There are a bit of different object on display but a large part of the attraction of the castle is just to wonder around the large rooms. Most of the rooms are furnished at least to some degree to give an idea about just how the castle used to look when the bishop was still living there.

There are not a lot visitors at the castle so it is a nice place to go and wonder around for a while. Outside the castle is a large courtyard with an outdoor restaurant where you can have lunch if you are feeling hungry after the exploration – if you only need a little treat they sell ice-cream as well.

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