Museum of Mandø

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The island of Mandø only have 33 inhabitant so you probably wouldn’t expect much in the form of museums – but the island is a popular tourist destination so there is actually quite a few people visiting the island. Therefore they actually do have a little museum. The opening hours of the museum is depending on the bus time table since it is run only by volunteers who are working a few hours during the tractor bus daily visits to the island.

Tiles on the wall of the old farm

The museum is located in one of the old farms which used to be in the main town of Mandø and gives you an idea of what life was like on the island. The house is centered around the kitchen with all the bedrooms close by since this was the only source of heating inside the house so it would be the warmest part of the house.

The northern and eastern side of the house was used for storage, stables and the kitchen – you didn’t really need heat in this part of the house so they could be located on the coldest side of the house. The western and southern part of the house was where they put the living rooms to get some light and heat inside the house from the sun.

The house has some displays and stories about the life on the island – unfortunately the signs are in Danish only so only native speakers will enjoy the small stories which are told at the walls of the museum. I am not sure if they have some English explanations if you ask for them – could be so you can follow the funny stories of life and death on the island.

The museum is worth a little visit – but it is small so you can probably only spend an hour or so going around the house. This leaves plenty of time to see the museum and explore the island on a three hour stop if you arrive by the tractor.

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