Small town a the islands entrance

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The east coast of Jutland is generally known for its islands. But one spot around Horsens fjord actually have a collection of small islands – actually so many small islands it has led the local tourist office to try and market the area as the East Jutland Island Sea. I doubt it is really catching on since I haven’t really heard about the name before.

The entrance to the islands is found at the small village of Snaptun. You can catch a ferry to a couple of the islands from Snaptun and there is a little harbor in the town. The village has a few summer houses which give a bit of life to the village during the warmer parts of the year.

There are a few people in the harbor and they build a little extra bridge for the kids so they can catch crabs in the shallow water. when the kids has caught a crab each they can start racing their crabs down a little special built race track for crabs which wants to go back to the water and away from the screaming kids.

Crab race track

The main attraction of the town is certainly found around the harbor and there is not much else of note around Snaptun – so unless you want to go swimming or island hoping around the area you will only spend a short time at this village.

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