Bogense – pretty town on Northern Fyn

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The small town of Bogense is one of the biggest small towns on the northern shore of the large island of Fyn. It is about ½ hour drive north of Odense and located right at the shore. The city has a long history dating back at least till 1288 when it get city privileges but there probably has been a small village at this location longer than this.

The town has around 4,000 inhabitants today – hence it hasn’t grown too much since the old days when it was the most important town of the area. The lack of development is fortunate since much of the old town has survived the development of later days. So there is a nice old town area to go and wonder around.

The main square is a cobble stone square with many old houses around the square – the houses around the square are all small only one and a half storage tall making it a nice little place to go and wonder a little bit. Next to the square you find the old church of the town.

The small size of the old town mean it is easy to go and walk around most of the old streets in a short period of time making it a good place to explore. There are several old houses spread across the old streets so there is something to go and search for. You don’t have to go anywhere in particular – you can just go around the small streets until you feel you have seen it all or you get tired of exploring.

Bogense harbor

After you have seen the old town you should head to the harbor of the city. The harbor is fairly big for such a small town – I guess many people from Odense and other places around Northern Fyn have their boats in this harbor.

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