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The restaurant is a brewery place located in Fur with a unique setting where you can see panoramic views over the brewery with glass wall on its first floor, and you can follow the brewing process to see the beer bubble in the open yeast vessels.

Enjoying lunch at Fur Bryghus

Next to the restaurant is an attraction where you can walk or hike up the hill to see the beautiful view over the water.  You can visit this place before or after the hike to the hill.

Lunch platter for two

We had lunch at this place which consist of the big menu of platter for 2 people.  It was traditional danish lunch with many different types such as fish meat balls, fried herring fish, smoked salmon, chicken salad, cheese and selection of bread.  The bread was cold, and we thought the food serve for two people was quite small and taste was so so.  In addition, the price was the most expensive from the menu.  It was probably better to order individually as we saw the food from the other table has bigger portion.

At the edge of the clay cliffs

All it all, it was a good place to relax and having beer if you are in the area.

Fur Bryghus Aps
Knudevej 3,
DK-7884 Fur

Tlf: +45 97 59 30 60
Fax: +45 97 59 30 48

Trail to the cliffs

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