Thyborøn town at the corner where the land ends

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When you visit the Northwest coast of Jutland you will find a small town of Thyborøn at the end of a narrow strip of land called Harboeøre Tange. The city is a fishing community with one of the largest collections of fishing boats in Denmark.

The city is small but it does have a few attractions which make it worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood. One natural attraction is the large harbor where the fishing boats will be located. Much of the life in the city is centered around the harbor. The business here is fish and there is naturally a fishing auction at the harbor where many of the fish is sold.

Down at the harbor you will also find a few restaurants and shops selling ice-cream and other things the visitors will want to get during a quick visit to the harbor.

Fishing auction at Thyborøn

The city is right at the water so there is easy access to several beaches around the city. There is both a beach right at the North Sea which will be windy and have some waves but close to the harbor you will find another section of beach which is sheltered from wind and waves from the North Sea which will make the water somewhat calmer and a more family friendly place to go for a swim.

During the Second World War small town was a fairly important location for the Germans since the town controlled the access from the North Sea to Limfjorden and an allied invasion here would threaten the position of the German troops in North Jutland and ultimately Norway. To protect this strategic position the Germans built several bunkers and you can still see some of them around the beaches of the city.

The city actually has no less than 3 museums which is pretty good for a city with less than 2,000 inhabitants. There is an aquarium called JyllandsAkvariet in town which has a large figure of a whale out in front. There is also a museum called the Sea War Museum which tells the story of war at sea with a special focus of the Battle of Jutland which took place just off the coast of Thyborøn. There is also a memorial park for the Battle of Jutland right next to the museum. The last museum is a little house which has been decorated with a lot of sea shells and is the most unique house in this part of the country.

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