Snail shell house

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Once upon a time a man lived in a small farm at a windy location on an area called Harboeøre Tange. The farm was located at an exposed location where the strong wind from the ocean would be blowing frequently and possibly carries some sand from the beach a few kilometers away. The harsh condition meant it was impossible to grow flowers in the garden. Instead the owner built a little wall around the farm and decorated the farm with shells from the ocean.

The snail shell house in Thyborøn

The man and his family were living happily at this remote and windy location. Unfortunately they had to live when the area was bought by the chemical company of Cheminova which would build a large plant where the farm used to be.

Shells on the tower

The family had to relocated and moved to the small city of Thyborøn. The wife wasn’t happy with the move to the city. So the husband had to convince here she would get an amazing house. He promised her a house like no other a house which would attract people from far away who would travel to the small town to see the house.

Shells on the house

In 1949 the husband started to build and decorate the house. It took 25 years before the house was finally finished. And mission was accomplished – the house was the most unique house in the city and people from far away travel to the city to see the house. This is now a museum and you can go in and visit the house if you like.

A fence at the house

The house is located at a small road in the city of Thyborøn and it is easy to find since it is one of the most famous attractions in the city so there is several signs leading you to the house. We arrive in the early evening so we can’t get inside the house – but this doesn’t matter too much since the really attraction is the house itself which you can see from the street. A somewhat more significant problem is the house is located on the western side of the road so it is difficult to take photos in the evening since you have to the photos towards the setting sun.

The house is decorated with hundreds of shells and it looks like no other house in the town of Thyborøn. I don’t know how many guests are visiting the house on a sunny day outside the summer season – but we were the only people looking at the house this evening and we took a few photos of the house.

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