Beaches of Fanø

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Fanø really comes alive during the summer season when people flock to the sandy beaches along the west coast of the island. The beaches is actually located a bit of a distance from the main towns which are located at the eastern shore of the island – this made sense traditionally since the wind comes from the west so the eastern shore was slightly less windy and less prone to the wild attack of the waves of the North Sea during a winter storm.

Today tourist doesn’t seem to mind a little wind if they can just get a large sandy beach – and the beaches on Fanø is wide and sandy. During low tide the beach seems like it continues for ever since the water is out and you will have to walk far to reach water. You are allowed to drive on the beach – but make sure you don’t drive to far from the sand dunes – the sea around Fanø is a tidal sea so going out too far in your car during low tide you risk getting stuck when the water returns. Last season a German tourist lost his car in such an accident on the nearby island of Rømø which also has sandy beaches which stretch forever during low tide.

The area behind the beach is dominated by sand dunes – and inside some of the sand dunes you might find some remnants from the Atlantic Wall which has been left behind from when the Germans occupied Denmark during World War II. Today the Germans are the most frequent visitors to these sandy beaches and the main foreign language at the tourist resort is actually German and not English.

If you like a sandy beach a trip to Fanø is perfect – just don’t expect the sandy beach is followed by a tropical temperature – this rarely happens and water will usually only head a bit over 20 degrees during the height of the summer.

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