Vallø castle

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Vallø Slot is a little castle in the small village of Vallø a little outside Køge. The castle has a long history and the first castle date back to 1256. The current version of the castle was built in 1580-86 with numerous rebuilding in the following centuries. The castle burned down in 1893 but the walls survived so it was possible to rebuild the castle in the original form and it looks like an old castle.

The castle of Vallø

The castle used to be owned by a local rich family but eventually the castle were passed to the royal family. The king eventually gave the castle as a gift for his wife Sophie Amalie. She decided to give the castle to a foundation which was supposed to provide housing for unmarried women of noble birth. In the following centuries the unmarried women of the nobility made the castle their home – and it is still possible for women of noble families to get accommodation at the castle – they are required to leave the castle in case they get married or get a child.

The castle from the park

Since people still live at the castle it is impossible to get inside – but the park behind the castle is open to the public and it is a nice place to go for a little wonder. It does attract a lot of locals with their dogs so the park is used frequently.

Around the castle there are many buildings which used to house the staff of the castle – but today they are available for rent so you can get a home close to the castle and enjoy the park around the castle. One of these buildings house the Vallø Slotskro (inn) which supposedly is the best restaurant in the vicinity of Køge town. Unfortunately I have never tried the food at the inn so I don’t know if the reviews are trustworthy.

It might be an option to go here in the future but for now it is just a good place to enjoy the park and the view of the castle.

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