Old town of Køge

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A short distance south of Copenhagen is the old town of Køge. Today Køge is basically a satellite town to Copenhagen and a lot of the locals commute to Copenhagen for work using either the train or the busiest motorway in Denmark which connects Copenhagen and Køge en route to the rest of Denmark. Køge actually also houses the ferry route to the Danish island of Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

Køge might be in the shadow of Copenhagen today but the city actually has a long history. The current city dates back to at least the 12th century and it got the official city privileges by the king in 1288. Back then the city was actually called Ny Køge or New Køge since there was and older village called Gammel (old) Køge further inland. The area around Køge actually dates back a bit further and one of the large Viking fortress was actually built in the area in the late part of the 10th century.

Køge has grown a lot since the old days – but fortunately the center of the city has been partly spared. The new developments have taken place outside the center so you can go and visit the streets in the center and enjoy a stroll around the area.

The city is centered around a little square where they hold market days on Wednesday and Saturday where you can buy fresh vegetables and flowers on the square. Several streets spiral out from the square and along several of these streets you can find old houses dating back several centuries. The small streets are very quiet so it is enjoyable to go and wonder along these streets which has hardly a car driving by as we walk along them.

Small river of Køge

The city owes it location to the location at the sea where the small river runs into the sea. The city had a great location for trade with this easy access to the sea and further inland. Today a few houses are located along the river and they have a great view of the little stream I guess people will enjoy the small gardens when the weather become a bit warmer than this early spring.

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