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The island of Rømø is located in the tidal sea of Vadehavet. The dirt of the island is of pretty poor quality – hence the farmers had a lot of trouble to get much out of the land. On such poor land it is natural to take to the sea. And the people of Rømø did take to the sea for a living. There were a lot of families who became involved in the trade around the world and a lot of captains were living in style on the island.

Room covered in tiles

Most of these old houses on Rømø have been lost of posterity but some have been spared and probably the best example of a farm of such a rich captain has been made into a museum called Kommandørgården. The museum is actually a part of the National Museum of Denmark.

An old door filling

We had been here once before – but back then the museum had been closed due to covid situation. So we had only seen the building from the outside. Fortunately the museum had reopened – so this time around we could get tickets and go in and explore the farm.

We are visiting a bit out of season – so the crowd which might go here during the summer holiday was gone. There aren’t a lot of cultural attractions on Rømø so if you want a museum fix while you are spending a week in a summerhouse on the island this is pretty much the place to go.

There were a few other guests at the museum but not a lot so we could pretty much spread out a bit so we all had a room to ourselves while we slowly moved through the house. The house was pretty with a lot of details like the famous Delft tiles – these were a luxury good back a couple of centuries ago and you can find them in many different destinations where there was a rich community of merchant ships.

Painting on the roof

Other rooms had interesting wood work and a little bit of old furniture. Despite this being a rich family the interior doesn’t look all that impressive. But I guess it was the best you could get when you were a wealthy family on a small Danish island.

In the barn of the house they have made a little museum with different items on display the biggest item is a skeleton of a whale which was one of many whales which stranded on the island in 1996.

After we went through the museum we went to the little café next to the museum. It was run by an Austrian who had married a local girl and moved away from the life in the ski resorts in the Alps to the small island. He did sell coffee and the cake of the day. So we stayed for a while and got a little cake and coffee.

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